• Jay Erlich

My job with the Special Olympics Hamilton

Last year I applied to work for Special Olympics Hamilton. Shortly afterwards I was approached and asked if I would volunteer and take on the position of Public Relations and help manage the social media accounts. I of course said yes.

I have been working with Tim Goodacre at the McMaster gym, The Pulse for 10 years. Tim has inspired me to continue working for Special Olympics as he was named Special Olympics Canada male athlete of the year, in 2013. Working with Tim trained me to appreciate everything that the Special Olympics has to offer: inclusivity, patience, hard work, perseverance and kindness.

For myself I had spent 10 years on different varsity sport teams at McMaster University (Rugby, Squash and Basketball). Because of COVID I haven’t been on a team in a while and I miss the camaraderie. I realized the Special Olympics is the next team for me to be on. The job I have is a 2-year position with the Special Olympics. I remember shortly after I was hired receiving emails from Special Olympics Ontario saying welcome to the family. That was when I knew I made the best choice to be involved with the Special Olympics.

That was always something I remembered about my years at McMaster. Every team I was on called each other family. I remember my basketball coach would say push each other in practice and support each other throughout the rest of your day.

I am proud to work for Special Olympics Hamilton and feel honoured to add them to my portfolio along with other current or past clients. Visit my website to see the other great organizations I have had the privilege to work with

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